• Programs

    The CGP Programs

    Our Programs are the perfect choice for anyone interested in studying social, political, economic, cultural, and legal developments on the regional or global levels. The blended-learning programs strongly emphasizing online education are particularly suitable for young professionals whose aim is to combine both studying and working.

  • Alumni

    The CGP Alumni Network

    The CGP alumni network allows you to stay connected as a member of the CGP academic and professional community. Help us maintain and enlarge the ties that were built during your studies at the CGP beyond the duration of your study programs.

    The CGP alumni network offers you numerous advantages and services. Have a look and get involved!

  • Faculty

    CGP Faculty

    A key benefit of our program is the outstandingly low student-faculty ratio (3:1), offering you ample opportunities to engage with your instructors. Studying with the CGP programs is an intense learning experience, so collegial relations with faculty members really do make a difference.

    The programs modules are taught by renowned scholars and experts from around the world. The international network of our faculty is a core element of the program's uniqueness and complements its high quality standards.

  • About Us

    Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin

    The CGP is directed by Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers. It belongs to the distinguished graduate study programs offered by the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin. Within our unique programs we invite you to explore the multiple challenges of the twenty-first century. You will develop an understanding of the interdependent nature of seemingly diverse issues as migration, changing security issues, and environmental degradation. You will increase your understanding of global challenges and their political, economic, and social causes and impacts.

  • News & Blog

    CGP News & Blog

    Find out more about our current activities and how you can engage with us.

    Keep up with the latest CGP news, or add your voice to Global Matters a space where we invite experts and community members to discuss global politics issues of the day.

    You can also find current working papers from our faculty here.

  • Single Courses and Certificates for Professionals

    As young professionals and leaders working in finance, economics or the civil society sector with an international approach, you face new and demanding challenges. Reflecting current issues and developments worldwide, Global Politics Professional Training conveys the qualifications that prepare you for these challenges and train you for an international job.

    Learn more about our courses and the admission process »