"Building Cooperation in an Era of Growing Tensions": Prof. Dr. Segbers takes part in expert panel at annual symposium hosted by FSVC and Carnegie Corporation of New York

Prof. Segbers speaks at FSVC/Carnegie Symposium
Prof. Dr. Segbers speaking at the annual symposium hosted by the FSVC and the Carnegie Corporation of New York
For nearly two decades, FSVC and Carnegie Corporation of New York have been bringing together experts to discuss international finance, global politics and climate change

On June 23-25, Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers participated in the 18th annual symposium hosted by the Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Accepting the invitation to discuss current political, economic, security and environmental issues with more than over 30 top experts, Prof. Dr. Segbers travelled to Dubai to share his thoughts on the theme of this year's symposium: "Building Cooperation in an Era of Growing Tensions." 

News from Jul 04, 2017

Since 2000, FSVC and Carnegie Corporation of New York have hosted annual symposia around the globe to bring together experts, build networks and exchange ideas on international finance, global politics as well as energy security and climate change. This year’s symposium discussed the current state of global affairs against the backdrop of the political and economic upheavals of 2016.

Participants shared their insights on the increasing global trends toward nationalism, the surge in populism around the world and the impact of these challenging developments on the global financial system, on multilateral institutions and agreements and on foreign policy more generally. Given that the US has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement, climate change and energy security emerged as important topics. Over the course of the symposium, participants repeatedly pointed towards the volatile conditions in global politics. Talking about the potential destabilizing effect of the ongoing polarization of domestic political movements and increasingly isolationist policies, the expert panel highlighted a lack of political leadership. More importantly, the experts agreed that cooperation and coordination among the world’s major powers will be critical to overcoming these challenges. As a number of issues contribute to social instability, it remains critical for key actors to promote job creation – especially to fight youth unemployment -, inclusive economic growth and a better quality of life.

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