"Full of Energy" – FAZ on CGP board member Hildegard Müller

CGP board member Hildegard Müller is Chief Operating Officer (COO) Grid & Infrastructure of innogy SE, Germany’s leading energy company dedicated to a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy world. In its Sunday edition, the German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ...

News from Jun 12, 2017

Guest Talk by Ian Bond

On May 18, Ian Bond, Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform, recently held a guest talk at the Institute of East European Studies at Freie Universität (FU) Berlin.

News from May 29, 2017

Where is the world heading? Global Politics Workshop 2017 in Ukraine

For this year’s Global Politics Workshop in Ukraine, 17 young researchers from around the globe gathered to discuss current trends and developments in International Relations. The idea behind the Workshop proved to be on the pulse of time as the different program components shed light on academic ...

News from May 22, 2017

CGP receives delegation from Guandong in China

The Center for Global Politics (CGP) dedicates its work to inspiring international dialogue and global progress. For this reason, on April 21, we were excited to welcome our distinguished guests from Guandong in China. Together, we took the time to talk about the political challenges lying ahead.

News from May 04, 2017

Administrative Change at German Studies Russia

Due to an administrative change at MGIMO University, the program German Studies Russia will no longer be connected to the Faculty of Political Science. Instead starting from July 2017 it will be a faculty-overlapping program in direct cooperation with the University Directorate. We would like to ...

News from Apr 11, 2017


Die Abteilung Politik sucht eine neue studentische Hilfskraft. Bis zum 03. April 2017 können sich Studierende bewerben.

News from Mar 28, 2017

Seasonal Schools Alumni Reunion in Myanmar

On March 16, Prof. Segbers met with three former participants of the CGP’s Global Politics Seasonal Schools.

News from Mar 16, 2017

The Dangers of Populism: Prof. Segbers Visits KAS in Cambodia

After his visit to China, Prof. Segbers continued his travels to Cambodia. At the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Phnom Penh, he gave a talk titled "Populism: a Global Tsunami?"

News from Mar 13, 2017

Populism: A Global Tsunami? Prof. Segbers at the University of Hong Kong

During his travels through China, Prof. Segbers took the time to visit several of the most prestigious universities in the country. At the University of Hong Kong, he gave a talk on populism as a global phenomenon.

News from Mar 10, 2017

Debating Current Challenges and Possible Prospects for the EU: Prof. Segbers Visits Jinan University

After visiting Fudan University and Sun Yatsen University, Prof. Segbers was invited to share his perspective on the future of the European Union with the students and faculty of Jinan University.

News from Mar 09, 2017

Sun Yatsen University: Prof. Segbers Invites Chinese Students to Discuss the Future of the EU

Continuing his travels through China, Prof. Segbers gave a talk on the future of the European Union at Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou.

News from Mar 08, 2017

From Berlin to Shanghai: Prof. Segbers' travels to China in March and August 2017

This year, Prof. Segbers has planned two visits to China. Currently, he is in Shanghai where he has given a talk on populism as a global phenomenon.

News from Mar 06, 2017

Academic Adventures: GSGP Intensive Seminar for PhD Candidate Students in Berlin

From February 21 to February 24, the Center for Global Politics (CGP) saw all PhD candidate students of the Graduate School of Global Politics returning to Berlin for an intensive seminar in methodology.

News from Feb 27, 2017

Final Day of In-House Classes

Our blended-learning master’s students have spent one exciting week of in-house classes at CGP’s home campus in Berlin. On their final day, February 24, we take a look back at what they’ve accomplished.

News from Feb 24, 2017

More Food For Thought: Fourth Day of In-House Classes

Tonight, February 23, we invite all participants and instructors to fill up on both political and culinary food for thought. As the IRO and EES students head to the Farewell Dinner with special guest Rolf-Dieter Krause, we get ready to say goodbye tomorrow.

News from Feb 23, 2017

IRO and EES Students Continue With Their Second Day of In-House Classes

On their second day of in-house classes, February 21, the master’s students get ready to dig deeper into global matters before taking the time to focus on the local and discover some of Berlin’s very own highlights.

News from Feb 21, 2017

International Decision-Makers Debate Global Security Risks at Munich Security Conference

Each year in February, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) opens up a platform for an intensive debate on critical security challenges engaging hundreds of international decision-makers from across the globe.

News from Feb 20, 2017

First Day of First Week of 2017 In-House Classes

Starting today, February 20, the Center for Global Politics brings together online students and teachers for the next round of in-house classes.

News from Feb 20, 2017

Prof. Segbers gave a lecture on the consequences of a “Trumpian USA”

With Donald Trump officially inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, many are wondering about the consequences of a Trump presidency for the international system. Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers addressed the issue in a lecture at KAS-Foundation on Monday night.

News from Jan 25, 2017

Prof. Dr. Segbers to give lecture on Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency

Donald Trump will be inaugurated to be the 45th president of the United States of America. Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers will give a lecture on how this new president may affect global politics. 

News from Jan 20, 2017