International Migration: Social, Political, and Economic Causes and Consequences of Migration Processes

Navigating Global Flows

Dr. Barbara Dietz
Barbara Dietz


Barbara Dietz holds a Master degree in Economics (Dipl.-Volkswirtin) from the University of Munich and a doctorate (Dr. phil.) from the University of Bremen. Currently she is head of the Department of Migration and Integration at the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg. Barbara Dietz conducted a series of international research projects. The results of these projects have been published in numerous scientific journals.

Module Summary:

This module provides you with knowledge about the social, political, and economic causes and consequences of migration processes in our globalizing world. The Module introduces you to theoretical approaches explaining the dynamics of migration movements in both historical and current settings, its backgrounds, types and possible solutions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the recent migration movements of the last years and apply your theoretical skills from the Module to analyze it on a deeper level. 

Educational Goals:

  • You will be familiarized with the theoretical considerations and the main arguments of transnational migration research.
  • You will get the possibility to discuss and analyze international migration movements in all its aspects and levels
  • You will be provided with practical skills concerning active participating in controversial discussions, presenting and supporting your own arguments and elaborating a well-structured research paper.


  • Three tasks are given in the migration module: a short essay, a paper presentation and the participation in the Discussion Board. All tasks are compulsory.
  • For the final grade only the final paper counts. The final paper can only be submitted if the previous tasks were passed.

Key Facts:

  • 8 ECTS
  • 12 weeks
  • 1.195 Euro
  • Optional On-site Workshop in October each year

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