The Energy Business: Energy Policy and Energy Security

Navigating Global Flows

Dr. Dmitri Mitin
Dmitri Mitin


Dmitri Mitin holds a PhD from Purdue University (2004). His current appointment is with the School of International and Public Affairs at North Carolina State University, where he teaches research methodology and comparative politics. His research interests encompass post-Soviets political evolution, inter-governmental conflict, and institutional development.

Module Summary:

Energy constitutes a major lifeline in all societies and one of the most crucial sources of maintaining and developing global life. This Module focuses on energy policy and energy security stressing the different perceptions on energy security in importing and exporting nations. You will discuss contemporary development in providing energy security on global, regional and national levels. Besides the traditional topics as the EU-Russia energy dialogue or the new economic giant China and its Energy Strategy, you will also be provided with knowledge about recent developments in the USA (from energy importer to energy exporter), Germany (“Energiewende” – expectations and reality), etc.

Educational Goals:

  • You will be familiarized with the current developments in the energy sector from political, economic, legal, and environmental angles and get an overview about crucial changes of the last years.
  • You will get the possibility to discuss and analyze the energy challenges in countries of your choice and propose solutions for them.
  • You will be provided with practical skills concerning active participating in controversial discussions, presenting and supporting your own arguments and elaborating a well-structured research paper.


  • Creating and uploading a policy memo to a country of your choice, identifying its energy-related challenge and articulating a case why it requires a policy response. Discussing at least two memos of other participants 
  • Developing concise research statement about your final paper, presenting it to other students and evaluating critically at least four other research statements.
  • Preparing the final research paper as an analytical report for a particular country, thoroughly elaborating a feasible policy response to a concrete energy-related concern. The final paper can only be submitted if the previous tasks were passed.

Key Facts:

  • 8 ECTS
  • 12 weeks
  • 1.195 Euro
  • Optional On-site Workshop in February each year

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