The Puzzles of Eastern Europe

To many observers, the fall of communism in 1989 marked the beginning of a long but steady re-integration of the former Soviet and socialist states into the “Western” order of international politics. Even though this tendency can be detected in many of the countries evolving to functioning democracies, market economies and members of the European Union, the developments concerning both internal and foreign affairs are anything but uniform. The current war in Ukraine and the tensions between Russia and some of its neighbors show that the region is far from stable. Eastern Europe is still in flux and experts on the region are desperately needed. In order to tackle these challenges, the Center for Global Politics offers the new postgraduate certificate on Eastern Europe. This postgraduate certificate is designed for those who are engaged in or plan to embark upon a career with a focus on Eastern Europe, be it in the government, corporate, academic or not-for-profit sector. Module Options: 3 out of 4