Transition Process in Eastern Europe: Causes, History and Basic Definitions of Globalization

Localizing Global Changes

Dr. Andrey Makarychev
Andrey Makarychev


Andrey Makarychev is teaching at the Institute of Government and Politics at University of Tartu. Prior to that he has been  Professor of International Relations and Political Science at the Linguistic University and the Public Service Academy (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). His research interests include Russian foreign policy analysis, international security and regionalism. He was visiting fellow at the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute; Baltic and East European Graduate School, Sodertorn Hogskola (Sweden); Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies (Washington, D.C.); Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, Wassenaar (NIAS); George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; JFK Institute for North American Studies, Free University of Berlin, and other research institutions.

Module Summary:

This Module provides you with an introduction to the major aspects of globalization as well as its special impact on East European countries. Starting from the theoretical basis, you will discuss real-world situations which arose from the process of globalization and are thus linked to the extraordinary role of Eastern Europe as a region in-between two global projects. A special focus will be made on the consequences for (in)equality, (in)security and (in)stability as a result of this development. The clashing paradigms of globalization and/versus sovereignty as well as regionalization and/versus globalization will be identified and critically discussed.

Educational Goals:

  • You will be familiarized with the theoretical premises and conceptual approaches to globalization and learn the main causes, history and basic definitions.
  • You will get the opportunity to link your theoretical knowledge to practical tasks concerning real-world situations from East European countries and discuss your point of view with other participants.
  • You will be provided with practical skills concerning presenting and defending your own statements as well as elaborating your arguments and a well-structured research paper.


  • Completing three Discussion Board Tasks concerning posting a paper to the Discussion Board dealing with theoretical and practical topics on the globalization and its impact on Eastern Europe as well as reacting to posts of your fellow students.
  • Creating your own research on the topic of the global role of a specific organization in the context of globalization.

Key Facts:

  • 8 ECTS
  • 12 weeks
  • 1.195 Euro
  • Optional On-site Workshop in October each year

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