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Program director Klaus Segbers

Program director Klaus Segbers

The Center for Global Politics (CGP) offers a European intellectual response to challenges and opportunities caused by globalization.

The complex processes of globalization have substantial effects on every citizen. The same applies to impacts on educational systems. Teaching requirements are changing significantly and performances vary widely. This makes it increasingly difficult for a young professional to identify those programs best suited for his or her current and future needs.

The under-regulation of the global environment immediately affects educational systems and labor markets. This is more evident today, in times of crisis, than ever before. Traditional organizations offering degrees and training are under pressure to adapt. New agencies are multiplying; not all of them being solid and reliable.

The CGP makes a difference: the Center and its programs are part of Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), a first-rate German University of Excellence with a strong reputation as an international network university in Germany, in Europe, and beyond. The CGP master programs East European Studies Online and International Relations Online address young professionals and have a global outreach, due to their blended learning formats. Summer schools in key regions like China, Syria, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran and Greece cover current questions of global politics and bring excellent students together. The Center offers up-to-date teaching tools and e-learning technologies including audio and video streams. The programs are embedded in flexible networks sustainable beyond graduation.

There are seven fields where the CGP programs make a difference.

1      The world is becoming an ever more complex place. Opportunities multiply, but so do uncertainties. The CGP programs provide context and orientation, without false promises and a misleading mission.

2      There are new cycles of training and work, often emerging simultaneously. Learning is a life long process. The CGP offers fine-tuned solutions in three programs: blended learning master’s and certificate programs, seasonal schools, and customized professional training.

3      Knowledge related skills remain relevant. At the same time, soft skills are in demand today. Training for both skill-sets is built into all CGP programs. Progressive and cutting-edge technologies enhance social interaction.

4      Post-modern networks are flexible, fluid, and shifting. Each geographical and functional shift of individual members puts those old contacts at risk. The CGP sees one of its prime responsibilities in the establishment and maintenance of flexible, resilient student and alumni networks.

5      Labor markets are in flux; supply and demand of human capital do not synchronize easily. The CGP programs help professionals to become more competitive by working with our network of public, social, and corporate partners.

6      In the 21st century, big narratives have lost most of their credibility and mobilizing power. The CGP does not advocate political, religious or cultural visions. Nevertheless, some central orientations are useful. Thus we do have a few basic value orientations: institutions matter and they can work, as the EU example demonstrates. Furthermore, secularism is embraced as a basic principle of organizing post-modern societies., Being part of the European higher education system, these principles are reflected in our programs

7      The CGP programs are competitive. They are complementary to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. We offer a competitive selection procedure, excellent degrees, guaranteed ECTS modularity, professional evaluation, and dedicated tutoring.  

Freie Universität Berlin provides degree and non-degree certificates for CGP students. The CGP programs profit from and contribute to FUB’s reputation while establishing a distinct CGP identity.

Klaus Segbers

May 2010



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