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Alumni Network


Engaging Global Minds

The CGP Alumni Network is a crucial part of the Center for Global Politics as a whole. At the CGP we see our community as our core strength and we believe in learning as a life-long process. The Alumni Network allows us to make both things possible for you.

 We engage global minds.

Belonging to our network connects you to more than 1000 alumni living in over 40 countries, as well as the diverse, inspiring perspectives and ideas they bring to our global table. We provide you with ample opportunities to strengthen your professional and personal development by connecting you with fellow alumni, as well as our partner organizations and international research faculty.


Our Mission

The CGP sees the establishment and maintenance of flexible, resilient student and alumni networks as one of its primary responsibilities. The purpose of our alumni network is to promote a mutually beneficial relationship within this growing community of alumni and to maintain an informal channel amongst like-minded people worldwide. The CGP alumni network does not advocate political, religious or cultural visions. Nevertheless a few central tenets are shared: institutions matter and they can work (the EU is a good example); and secularism is a basic principle of organizing post-modern societies.

In this regard the alumni network aims to enable professionals to become more competitive by working with public, social, corporate partners, as well as network members. And while concentrating on the professional, let’s not forget the personal. The possibilities presented by building international friendships across cultural and geographical realms are endless.

How you will stay connected:

  • Regular networking meetings in every region of the world
  • The Alumni Online Forum, our customized area for helping us to stay in touch online
  • Workshops for selected Alumni Ambassadors
  • Two e-newsletters each year, keeping you up-to-date on news from fellow alumni, with a special focus on career activities
  • Additional alumni events e.g. career days
  • Opportunities to mentor current students of M.A. International Relations Online
  • Facebook, LinkedIn page

In 2011, a separate CGP Alumni Association was established, providing a legal basis for the organization, supported by the wider network. You can find out more about CGP Alumni Association and becoming a member here.


Center for Global Politics Alumni Flyer 2015

Center for Global Politics Alumni Flyer February 2015
Click to view the pdf version here >>


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