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DRAFT of the CGP mission statement

The CPG Alumni network is a global network of graduates of all CGP programs. The tailor-made programs aim at advancing international student’s skills to analyze and question the far reaching effects of current political settings. The graduates’ strengths comprise profound academic knowledge in essential fields of current global politic issue areas next to intercultural competence.


We offer:

  • Among the Alumnis (on the basis of creating mutual benefits):
  • sharing of country-specific information,
  • mutual help in academic and job-specific research and connection to local networks,
  • active face-to-face exchange within the diverse local networks,
  • allocation of appropriate job opportunities,
  • access to database on individual alumni profiles,
  • tutoring of the CGP program-portfolio,
  • exchange via discussion board on the CGP-intranet,
  • life-long learning among international professsionals through constant exchange and interdisciplinary stimulation.


For committed parties, such as companies with a focus on emerging markets (e.g. EE, Russia, China, Gulf States), students, universities, decision makers, think tanks, GO’s, NGO’s etc.:

  • job recruitment opportunities,
  • detailed information on CGP programs (contents, tutors, admission requirements e.g.)
  • participation in the CGP annual event involving high ranking experts and offering a platform for discussion and exchange,
  • scholarships,
  • organisation of conferences on political topics of shared interest,
  • platform for companies to present themselves and their individual profiles via ads or contributions in the newsletter.


For all:

  • quarterly newsletter,
  • development of benefical contacts between cultures and socities, trust-building through effective communication among committed individuals.


Potential sponsors benefit from the alumnis' professional expertise and individual networks, from their intercultural and interdisciplinary competence and from the publicity reached through participation in global events organised by the alumni.