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Alumni Association e.V.

On February 28th, 2011 the CGP Alumni Network established an official Alumni Association registered under German law as ‘CGP Alumni Association (e.V.)’. The idea to create a network of CGP alumni was born in 2008, when the CGP brought together a group of alumni in Nida, a small village on the Curonian Spit in Lithuania. This very first alumni workshop was mainly spent analyzing existing networks and the advantages of a CGP network. By that time the CGP already had a very dynamic alumni network of the Summer School in China.

Since then, a ‘special task force’ of alumni ambassadors has been working hard to write the statute of the Association and to organize its legal registration under German law. On February 28th, 2011 the network officially registered the CGP Alumni Association (e.V.) as a legal entity.

Now that the organization is official it is much easier for the CGP alumni to arrange conferences and other events, bringing together alumni from different programs and nations. It also enables them to build a positive image and a strong reputation. Membership therefore enhances career and professional development, as well as helping CGP alumni to stay in touch.


The Board of Directors and the Working Groups deal with a number of different issues:

  • They are responsible for the conception of the alumni newsletter and online networking strategies in order to foster informational flow among the alumni.
  • They shall allocate funds to support students and to foster research potential of the network in the future.
  • They work on PR and branding strategies to build a strong and positive CGP alumni brand.
  • The Board of Directors also sorts out formalities, secures efficient cross-group communication of ideas and keeps in touch with the CGP to ensure consistency between CGP activities and the network.


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