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Alumni Network

The Idea

The complex processes of globalization have substantial effects on every citizen and on educational systems. The CGP and its educational programs aim to enable its high-potential students to successfully act and interact in the fast-changing environments in different cultural, geographical, and political spaces.

Participants of CGP programs come from many different cultural and professional backgrounds and share an interest in global politics and international affairs. To carry the idea of the Center for Global Politics further, we created an alumni network to bring together the various personalities, job sectors, political spheres, and countries.

The Mission

The CGP sees the establishment and maintenance of flexible, resilient student and alumni networks as one of its primary responsibilities. The purpose of our alumni network is to promote a mutually beneficial relationship within this growing community of alumni and to maintain an informal channel amongst like-minded people worldwide. The CGP alumni network does not advocate political, religious or cultural visions. Nevertheless a few central tenets are shared: institutions matter and they can work (the EU is a good example); and secularism is a basic principle of organizing post-modern societies.

In this regard the alumni network aims to enable professionals to become more competitive by working with public, social, corporate partners, as well as network members. And while concentrating on the professional, let’s not forget the personal. The possibilities presented by building international friendships across cultural and geographical realms are endless.

Founding Facts and Figures

  • The CGP Alumni Network was founded in 2008 and up to now totals over 750 aspiring professionals from diverse cultural, political and business backgrounds
  • The members come from 36 countries around the world
  • On February 28, 2011, the official Alumni Association (e.V.) was established and became registered under the German law

Organizational Fact and Figures

  • The exclusive alumni newsletter is published twice a year
  • We organize Workshops for Alumni Ambassadors to further develop our network
  • We hold one (or two) Alumni networking meeting every year in each region
  • The Alumni Online Forum makes it easy to be in contact with the other Alumni. You can find it here.
  • We organize alumni events such as a “Career Networking Day”
  • There is also Alumni Mentoring Program for students of the M.A. International Relations Online

Further Benefits

  • Join a professional network that strengthens your professional and personal development
  • Gain access to our CGP partner organizations and international corporations
  • Benefit from contact with our CGP faculty for academic research
  • Participate in mentoring other students
  • Get involved in face-to-face exchange within the local network meetings