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Our Impact

Learn more about the impact we are making on the lives of our alumni.

More than 200 alumni took time to give us insightful and overwhelmingly positive feedback in our latest Alumni Survey, taken in spring 2014.


Over 95% of our former students would recommend our programs to friends. Although our programs are attractive for different target groups (M.A. programs are mostly interesting for young and successful professionals, while Seasonal Schools are rather attractive for current students and job starters), alumni of all programs indicated the content of our programs as our greatest strength. When asked about the strengths of our programs, our former Master students said they also especially appreciate the flexibility of the degree program. The Seasonal Schools alumni predominantly pointed out the networking aspect and the high level of teaching.


Taking into account the positive feedback, it is not surprising that after graduation our former students are successful professionals and work in various occupational fields. According to the survey, almost 50% of our alumni earn 50,000 USD or more each year. Nearly 25% earn more than 75,000 USD per annum.


Our alumni pool shows impressive potential for further expansion of our alumni work. Our former students show a high level of interest in CGP programs and activities: 91% said they were interested in the Alumni Network and 80% read our newsletters regularly. Moreover, alumni of all programs are willing to contribute to the network or become members of the Alumni Association e.V. (73% want to join).


For even more about the survey results, please download the executive summary.

The alumni yearbook is a cornerstone of the international alumni community. It provides a review of the Alumni Network’s activities over the past year, a chance to remember new friendships forged and projects realised throughout the year, as well as what we can expect for the coming year.

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