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Center for Global Politics Yearbooks

The alumni yearbook is a cornerstone of the international alumni community. It provides a review of the Alumni Network’s activities over the past year, a chance to remember new friendships forged and projects realised throughout the year, as well as what we can expect for the coming year.

Yearbook 2015/16

"Our students and more than 1.200 alumni represent an impressive number of professional fields. They have many stories to tell and experiences to share."

Yearbook 2014

"As for the Center for Global Politics, 2014 was mostly a good year. Our network now counts over 1000 global professionals living in more than 40 countries who are interconnected."

Yearbook 2013

"Toward the end of 2013, the CGP had about 850 alumni in
over 35 countries. This is an impressive number after six
years. We are a rather small organization that is quite picky
when it comes to selecting students, so this very number,
and the quality and enthusiasm of the students behind it,
make us a bit proud."

Yearbook 2012

"The yearbook has become yet another cornerstone of our international alumni network. This publication should not only be a review of the past year or an opportunity to remember the friends you found and the experiences you made during your programs; it is also intended to give impetus for the endeavors to come in 2013."

Yearbook 2011

"All of our programs are related to “global politics”. Being an
alumna or alumnus, you may remember that global politics
is characterized by constantly increasing complexity:
Multipolarity creates greater ambivalence and uncertainty.
Multilevel games make it difficult to identify origins and
targets of specific politics. A multitude of actors slow down
political processes and make consensual decisions increasingly