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Dr. Christina Sieber

Christina Sieber is a trainer, a project manager and teaches the module "The Applied Side: How to Run Projects".

Christina Sieber

Christina Sieber

Module: The Applied Side: How to Run Projects

Dr. Christina Sieber is a coorganizer and project manager of the 10th International BMP Conference. Originally a biologist, she completed her PhD in the lab of Petra Knaus in 2009 and subsequently worked as scientific writer and freelance tech journalist. In 2012, she obtained an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) from BTH in Karlskrona, Sweden. As project manager, Christina coordinates tasks and supports the organizing team in harnessing its full capacity. Her objective is to weave sustainability into the framework of the conference and create an organizing blueprint for future events held at the university. Christina volunteers with SUSTAIN IT!, an FU initiative for sustainability and climate protection.

The Applied Side: How to Run Projects