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Ilya Kalinin

Ilya Kalinin is an Associate Professor at Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.-Petersburg State University. He teaches the Module Humanities for East European Studies Online.

Ilya Kalinin

Ilya Kalinin

Module: Humanities

Ilya Kalinin is an Associate Professor at Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.-Petersburg State University. His PhD thesis “Russian Literary Utopia, XVIII-XX Centuries: The Philosophy and Poetics of the Genre” was upheld at Saint Petersburg State University (2002). He is editor-in-chief of the Moscow-based intellectual journal “Emergency Rations: Debates on Politics and Culture (Neprikosnovennyj Zapas: Debaty o politike i culture)” and two series of books published in Moscow Publishing House “New Literary Observer”. His research focuses on early Soviet Russia intellectual and cultural history, practices of self-fashioning of Soviet Subject and on the historical and cultural politics of contemporary Russia as well (post-soviet social and cultural transformations; contemporary Russian politics of history; modernization/demodernization and politics of identity in contemporary Russia). He was visiting fellow at Sheffield University, Department of Modern Languages; Princess Dashkova Russian Center at Edinburgh University; Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at Edinburgh University; Collegium for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at Helsinki University; The Forum Transregionale Studien (Berlin); Aleksanteri Institute (Finish Centre for Russian and East European Studies); The Andrew Gagarin Center for Civil Society and Human Rights. He has published in a wide range of journals including Ab Imperio, Baltic Worlds, Sign Systems Studies, Social Sciences, Russian Literature, Russian Studies, Russian Studies in Literature, Slavonica, Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, New Literary Observer, etc.

Selected publications:

Book chapters:

Kalinin, Ilya (2011): Literary Criticism during the Thaw (co-author, E. Dobrenko) // A History of Russian Literary Theory and Criticism: The Soviet Era and Beyond // Ed. by E. Dobrenko and G. Tihkanov. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press. P. 184-207.

Kalinin, Ilya (2012): Von der «Gemachtheit» des Textes zum «Literarischen Handwerk»: Viktor Šklovskij und der Sozialistische Formalismus // Ju. Murashev, T. Liptak (Hrsg.) Schrift und Macht zur Sowjetischen Literatur der 1920er und 30er Jahre. Wien, Köln, Weimar: Böhlau Verlag. S. 45-69.

Kalinin, Ilya (2013): The Struggle for History: The Past as a Limited Resource // U. Blacker, A. Etkind, J. Fedor (Eds.) Memory and Theory in Eastern Europe. London: Palgrave-Macmillan.

Kalinin, Ilya (2013): The Blue Lard of Language: Vladimir Sorokin’s Meta-lingual Utopia // Roesen T., Uffelmann D. (Eds.) Vladimir Sorokin’s Languages. Slavica Bergensia 11. Bergen. P. 128-148.

Kalinin, Ilya (2015): Petropoetics: The Oil text in Post-Soviet Russia // Russian Literature since 1991 / Ed. by E. Dobrenko, M. Lipovetzky. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Р. 120-144.

Kalinin, Ilya (2016): Why “Two Russias” are less than “United Russia”. Cultural distinctions and political similarities: dialectics of the defeat // The Shrew Untamed: Cultural Mechanisms of Political Protest in Russia / Ed. by Alexander Etkind, Birgit Beumers and Olga Gurova. London: Palgrave-Macmillan.

Journal articles:

Kalinin, Ilya (2011): Nostalgic Modernization: the Soviet Past as a “Historical Horizon” // Slavonica. Vol. 17. № 2. Special issue: Between History and Past: Soviet Legacy as the Traumatic Object of Contemporary Russian Culture. Р. 156-167.

Kalinin, Ilya (2014): Laughter as Hard Work and Laughter as Hot Commodity (The Stakhanovite Movement and the Capitalist Assembly Line) // Russian Studies in Literature. Vol. 50. № 2. Р. 8-26.

Kalinin, Ilya (2014): Carbon and Cultural Legacy: Politics of History and Economy of Rent // Baltic Worlds. Special issue “Modernization in Russia”. Vol. 7. № 2-3. Р. 65-74.