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Dr. Na'ama Nagar

Na'ama Nagar is a teaching faculty in the Department of Political Science at Florida State University and is instructor of the module "Global Flows: ICT Powered Governance Modes".

Na’ama Nagar

Na’ama Nagar

Modules: Global Flows: ICT Powered Governance Modes

Na’ama Nagar is a Teaching Faculty in the Department of Political Science at Florida State University. Na’ama’s academic training is in both comparative politics and political communication. After earning a BA in Communication from Sapir College Israel and an MA and PhD from SUNY Albany, she started teaching at Western Carolina University. She is mainly interested in how online spheres enable average citizens and grassroots efforts voice their convictions and grievances. Her dissertation, titled “The Loud Public: The Case of User Comments in Israeli and British Media”, explores user comments as a tool that allows ordinary people to express their sentiments and beliefs on important matters of public concern in rather authoritative and visible platforms.