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Debating Sochi, Putin, and homophobia

Experts and the public discuss human rights and the Olympics in Russia on Global Matters

News from Jan 29, 2014

This week, we asked on Global Matters whether politicians, sportspeople and visitors from all over the world should stand up against homophobia publicly during the Olympics in Sochi. Whereas Shen Dingli, Dean at Fudan's University's Institute of International Studies, argues that open protest could backfire and therefore advocates entering into a constructive dialogue with the Russian government, others take another standpoint.

 As Andrey Makarychev, Professor of Government and Politics at the University of tartu in Estonia, puts it: "The best scenario would be to change the whole script of the Sochi Olympics and transform it from the Putin-centered celebration of the Kremlin's regime to a cosmopolitan performance of cultural tolerance and diversity in lifestyles."

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