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Nous sommes Charlie

CGP in solidarity with victims of the terrorist attack in Paris

News from Jan 07, 2015

A message from CGP director Klaus Segbers:

Dear students, alumni and partners,

the murder attack in Paris against the journal Charlie Hebdo is an aggression against all open, liberal, civil and secular societies. As such it was executed, and as such we do see it.

Today, the Center for Global Politics stands silently in solidarity next to the victims of this attack.

From tomorrow on, we will intensify our educational work in the tradition of European Enlightenment. There won't be any kind of self-censorship. There won't be banned topics. Questions of taste will be addressed as such, and not as objects of repression.

No religion has the right to claim exemption from these rules.

No matter if caricatures in Denmark, state censorship, or threats against a movie in the U.S.: we won't be deterred.

Je suis Charlie