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Long Night of Science in Berlin

World in Change – What is Waiting for Us in the Globalized Daily Life
Berlin - May 28

News from May 16, 2011

Institute for East-European Studies – Master's Degree Course East European Studies: Workshop Report from the Project Course 2010/11

The Workshop report from the Project Course 2011/12 seeks to entertain with exciting insights into the everyday life of the Master's Degree Course at the Institute for East-European Studies. The presentation revolves around topic “Poverty and Prosperity.” In eight interdisciplinary working groups, the students work on issues of their own choosing. Apart from the scientific elaboration, the result of the work should be “something colorful and moving.” Planed are documentary films, photo exhibitions, and interviews. Come along on a trip and see for yourself, what moves the students to their topic and they encounter obstacle courses, creativity, dedication, Ikea, a pinhole camera, and more while doing so.

Global Politics Jeopardy: How  well do You Know the World?

The euro at the supermarket checkout from Dublin to Athens, Arab revolutions live on television, Indian experts in the IT-sector: globalization is making out daily life more colorful, regularly putting politics in a jam, and moving the whole world together. Since the end of the Cold War, the international system has changed strongly and promises many changes for the future – positive as well as negative. It is clear that knowledge of the world is thus ever more important for everyone. Thus: how well do you know the world? Do you know how many members the Council of Europe has or which island country is faced with a climate-induced demise? Which politician took off his shoes in the US plenary assembly, and which city is the most expensive in the world? Test your knowledge in Global Politics Jeopardy and learn something new. In two grown-up and one children rounds, small prizes from foreign lands will be given away.


Program (continuous)

5 pm – 1 am: Presentation (intended for school students)

Workshop Report from the Project Course 2011/12 (Room UG 4)

Participatory Quiz: Global Politics Jeopardy: How well do You Know the World? (Room UG 2)

6:45 pm (ca. 40 min.) Quiz for children

7:45, 8:45 pm (ca. 40 min.) Quiz for grown-ups