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Research seminar on German-Russian relations

The Osteuropa-Institut at Freie Universität Berlin invites to discuss "German - Russian relations in a Wider Europe: Interdisciplinary Facets"

News from Nov 19, 2013


The Osteuropa-Institut at FU Berlin invites all to join the research seminar on "German - Russian relations in a Wider Europe: Interdisciplinary Facets" on Friday, 22 November 2013, at Seminarzentrum  of the FU Berlin, Otto-von-Simon-Str. 26, L113, 14195 Berlin.

From charges of election fraud to disputes over civil rights and looted art, recent months have seen ample tension in German-Russian ties. A research seminar at Freie Universitä̈t Berlin will look at the relationship between the two countries from a European and interdisciplinary perspective. The scholars around Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers and Prof. Dr. Andrey Makarychev will aslo discuss a newly published book, entitled "Germany and Russia in a Common Communicative Space", published in 2013 as a result of 2-year research project between the Institute for East European Studies at FU Berlin and the University of Tyumen in Russia. Authors of book chapters will briefly present their research findings to the audience and then discuss them with guest commentators and panelists.

The first panel will be specifically focused on conceptualizing political repercussions of deteriorating relations between the two countries. The second panel will be devoted to Russia's and Germany's policies in the common neighborhood, with a particular accent on the Eastern Partnership countries, which strongly resonates in European discourse on the even of the Vilnius EaP summit. The third panel will discuss sports mega-events- and the Sochi Olympics in particular - as a peculiar case of interaction between Russia and Germany.




10:00 – Introduction:

Klaus Segbers, Director, Osteuropa Institut, FU Berlin


10:15 – Panel 1: Russia and Germany: a price for disconnections

Stefan Meister (European Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin); Evgenia Sayko (Journalist, Berlin); Anastasia Vishnevskaya (FU Berlin); Olga Gulina (Institute for Migration Studies, Berlin)


Elena Kropacheva (Peace Research Institute, Hamburg); Felix Hett (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung); Tamara Vorobiova (Young Leaders Seminar, Berlin)


12:00 - 12:15 – Coffee break


12:15 – Panel 2: Russia, Germany and the Common Neighbourhood: in the Anticipation of the Vilnius EaP summit

Authors of chapters:

Andrey Deviatkov, book co-editor, (Uni Tartu / Uni Tyumen); Andrey Makarychev, book co-editor (Professor, University of Tartu)

Commentators and panelists:

Joerg Forbrig (the German Marshall Fund, Berlin); Inna Melnikovska (FU); Nelli Babayan (FU Berlin)


13:30 - 14:30 – Lunch


14:30 – Panel 3: Russia, Germany and Global Mega-events

Steffi Wurster (film-maker, Berlin); Alexandra Yatsyk (Federal University, Kazan) Andrey Makarychev


14:30 – Concluding discussions