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Syria: On the Road to a Failed State

Activist Zedoun Al Zoubi paints a grim picture for Syria´s future

News from Nov 14, 2013

Syria's former prisoner Zedoun Al-Zoubi at Center for Global Politics“We had a beautiful, peaceful revolution in the first six months. But it´s over. Now we have a civil war”, Syrian activist Zedoun Al Zoubi said during a Brown Bag lunch at the Center for Global Politics last Wednesday. The university teacher, who is currently living and working in Berlin, had to escape his home country after he had been jailed for political reasons twice this year. His prison stories are dire and full of horror. For example, he saw a man who was crucified, beaten for several hours and forced to scream: “My wife is a prostitute” over and over again. “I´m sure, when he comes out of jail, he´ll be a terrorist”, Al Zoubi said.

In his view, the West has missed the window of opportunity to influence the revolution in Syria in a positive way. “They always supported the wrong groups”, Al Zoubi said. He particularly pointed out the support for the Syrian Opposition Council and their close ties to the Muslim brotherhood. “When I talked to several European ambassadors, they just told me: But they´re the strongest opposition group”, Al Zoubi reported.

Observing the increasingly chaotic situation on the ground, Al Zoubi paints a grim picture for the future of his home country. Syria could take the same route as Afghanistan and Iraq. "And the reason is its geopolitical importance”, Al Zoubi said. According to him, the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Iran and the Gulf monarchies are heavily involved in this conflict. “It´s like the Third World War. But only Syrians die.”

Zedoun Al Zoubi is currently pursuing his post-doc at TU Berlin. He holds a Ph.D. from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences in Damascus, Syria.


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