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Global Matters: Is Crimea the new Kosovo?

CGP expert Theodoros Tsakiris argues that NATO´s bombardment of Kosovo in 1999 set the precedent for Russia´s annexation of Crimea.

News from Mar 19, 2014

Global Matters: Is Crimea the new Kosovo?“Unfortunately, the precedent was set by the NATO bombardment of Kosovo in 1999 and the subsequent recognition of Kosovo's secession from Serbia”, CGP expert Theodoros Tsakiris argues in his most recent comment on Global Matters. Bits and thoughts on World Politics. “Putin's Russia is taking it on another level - but it is NATO which established this perilous principle.”

Tsakrisis, an Assistant Professor for Geopolitics of Hydrocarbons at the University of Nicosia and Director of the Energy Program at the Hellenic Center for European and Foreign Policy Studies, believes that Russia won´t benefit from the annexation of the Crimea peninsula. To the contrary, the country will be isolated from its European neighbors. Although the EU can´t do much about Russia´s aggression, Tsakiris continues, it should draw a red line – which would be “any further Russian intervention in Eastern Ukraine”.

Another crucial factor, Tsakiris believes, is the political development in Kiev. “Unless (…) extremist elements are not isolated from any future Ukrainian government and effectively contained from the Fatherland Party and Mr Klitchko, Russian fears will not be assuaged and Mr Putin will be provided with the opportunity to extend his intervention in the Donbas region and other areas of Ukraine.”

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Photo: KoFahu/Flickr/CreativeCommons