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Financial Times rejects Center for Global Politics advertisement

Media outlet regards photo with Obama and Putin as "inappropriate"

News from Mar 17, 2014

The Center for Global Politics is currently advertising its M.A. Program International Relations Online with a campaign that highlights a photo of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama taken during the G8 summit in Belfast last year. The body languages of the two leaders resembles the lack of communication and the “awkwardness” of the meeting, as described by many observers in Belfast. The slogan of our creative goes “They failed. You won´t. We help you navigate complexity.”

Whereas several media outlets such as CNN and Facebook are running our campaign, the Financial Times rejected it. A FT-spokesperson explained it with these words:

“Each piece of copy is considered on it individual merits. In the first instance it has to be legal, decent and honest, and then a judgment is made as to the suitability of the copy in any given circumstance. Given the ongoing situation in the Ukraine, it was felt that at this juncture it would have been inappropriate to run this particular creative.”

The CGP can´t follow this argument. To the contrary, we believe that our creative is indeed appropriate to the situation in Ukraine, given the evident failure to solve the crisis by diplomatic means.