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Putin does not have an exit strategy

putin medwedew

putin medwedew

Klaus Segbers discusses Western policy towards Russia

News from Feb 09, 2015

While the fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists escalates over and over again, Western politicians send different signals. The EU leaders threaten Russia with tightening sanctions. German Chancellor Angela Merkel offers a free trade area between the European Union and Russia. At the same time, the tactics of Russian President Vladimir Putin remain unclear. He still denies responsibility for the Ukraine-conflict. In addition, the country is making military threats over NATO territory. How should Western politicians deal with Putin? Are further sanctions against Russia sensible and feasible?

Those are some of the questions CGP director Klaus Segbers discussed with other high profile experts on Phoenix TV.

He argued that a solution to the current conflict in Ukraine is not very likely to be reached with Putin and his close associates. One main reason: “They do not have an exit strategy.” The CGP director said that the inner Russian leadership fears ending up like Gaddafi or Ceausescu. Western policy makers should take that into account, Segbers stressed.

Watch the video of the show (in German) here: http://www.phoenix.de/content/909145