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CGP at the Long Night of Science

Hosts and guests interacting at the CGP stand.

Hosts and guests interacting at the CGP stand.

Many visitors of all ages enjoyed the Center for Global Politics booth.

News from Jun 22, 2015

Berlin’s universities opened for the public on Saturday, June 13. Each year this open house event offers an extensive program with tours, lectures, workshops, panel discussions and other interactive options. 2015 saw the 15th repetition of this event. Despite heavy rain showers, almost two thousand visitors were curious enough to come to the Freie Universität Berlin main building at Habelschwerdter Allee alone.

Among many others, they here found the CGP booth. Now what could you do here?

You found detailed information on all the various programs offered by the Center for Global Politics, full-fledged master programs, the Graduate School of Global Politics for PhD candidates, various seasonal schools, German Studies Russia. Flyers could be taken home for a closer perusal. CGP team members were present to answer all immediate questions. And question on all kind of matters were asked: What are the prerequisites for applicants? What are the costs? How are career prospects increased by profiting from the CGP’s continues education? Perhaps one or the other of our visitors will join a program in the future?

If you wanted to test your knowledge on curious facts, you could answer the eight questions posed by a rather difficult quiz on Eastern Europe. Now googling would have helped with the correct answers, but of course such support was against the rules. Thus you could either deduce or guess from the four options offered for each question. A try at the questionnaire was awarded with East European sweets or CGP give aways. In particular, our nice ball pens were much in demand.

Children had their name written in Chinese or Russian letters. Watching the careful writing with brush and ink was an experience. How strange one’s name in these unfamiliar letters appears. Waiting for the ink to dry was sweetened with Chinese candy.

Visitors also had the opportunity to work on challenges taken from our programs’ contents: assigning countries to flags, government system, corruption index and more, separating good from bad research questions, and so on.

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