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Certificate for Professionals Modules Available

The Center for Global Politics has now presented the modules for this year’s Certificate for Professionals, introducing a new Postgraduate Certificate

News from Aug 07, 2015

The Center for Global Politics offers the Certificates for Professionals as an alternative to their regular blended learning master program.

This is a flexible way of diversifying and specifying knowledge as a student, aspiring professional, or intellectually motivated individual.


In a globalizing and accelerating world, setting yourself apart from others in your area of study is not easy. These certificates are creating a unique way to help individualize and exceptionalize your career with the help of modules set forth by renowned professors. The Stand-Alone Modules for 2015 have now been made available on the Center for Global Politics’ website. The topics focus on politics, law and society with specific emphasis on recent developments and challenges in an ever-changing, globalizing world.


New and for the first time, the CGP is also offering the Postgraduate Certificate. This track includes the option to choose from a combination of three cognate modules throughout the following topics:

The Puzzles of Eastern Europe: designed for postgraduate students who are engaged or interested in a career focused on Eastern Europe and its recent developments following the fall of communism.

From International Relations to Global Affairs: specified in the study of how globalization has affected and changed the world. It focuses on the works of global politics, international relations and other global affairs in today’s day and age.

The Emergence of Global Flows: introduction to global flows and governance, in a world where the role of nation states is changing drastically.


With these Certificates for Professionals the CGP has created the option for students and professionals to earn an extra qualification; further expanding horizons while delving into the topics of their desired career paths.