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The Evolution of the State Stand-Alone Module

Apply and get acquainted with the changing patterns of governance in the international legal and political systems!

News from Aug 21, 2015

What are the origins of the international legal system? Who are the main actors carrying out its provisions? How do international law and international relations relate to one another? With an eye to an international political and legal system in flux under the pressure of globalization, these questions are more prevailing and contentious than ever. The Center for Global Politics offers a Stand-Alone Module on the topic of Changing Patterns of Governance and the Evolution of the State starting on October 5, 2015. This module focuses on the history of the nation state while having a closer look at the challenges to statehood nowadays. Furthermore, the tools used by nation states for policy making at the global level within the international law framework are taken into account. The Stand-Alone includes key topics such as states and statehood, sovereignty and intervention, human rights law and international criminal law, from both the international law and the international relations perspective.

Your guide during the twelve weeks of studies will be our dedicated instructor Andreas von Staden (Profil von von Staden auf der Webseite anlegen/ Modulseite aktualisieren). His main research interest encompasses the role of law in international relations. He obtained his master’s degrees at Hamburg University, Yale and Princeton as well as a doctor’s degree at Princeton University.

Register for CGP’s Stand-Alone Module and study intensively these fascinating topics using our blended learning approach. Benefit from sharing knowledge and experience with peers of different backgrounds and enhance your professional credentials.

The Center for Global Politics will be more than happy to welcome you on board!