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Alumni Workshop participants meet with Mayor of Kuressaare

Participants of the Alumni Workshop met with the Mayor of Kuressaare.

Participants of the Alumni Workshop met with the Mayor of Kuressaare.

Members of the CGP Alumni Network participating in the workshop event on Saaremaa Island in Estonia have met with the Mayor of Kuressaare, and toured the historic town.

News from Sep 04, 2015

This week, Estonia is playing host to the 8th annual workshop of the Center for Global Politics’ Alumni Network. Having started this Monday, the week of intense discussions and exploration will come to a close tomorrow.

With over 1000 alumni in over 40 countries, the CGP Alumni Network is one of our most successful projects, and our annual Alumni Workshops are the pinnacle of this success. This year, like the 7 before it, sees selected members of the Alumni Network meet and discuss important and pressing global issues.

This year we chose once again a rather remote location for this workshop: the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Closed to foreigners until 1989, this island is sits at the confluence of both natural and historic beauty. The island features natural wonders like towering seaside cliffs and meteorite craters, alongside treasures like the Kuressaare Castle.

While important geopolitical discussion is the main part of the workshop, it is also a great opportunity for the participants to explore their surroundings. To help with this, the CGP Alumni Workshop attendees have met with the mayor of the Kuressaare City Government which manages local affairs on the island. Mayor Madis Kellas, is a former decathlete who has a deep love for his island, and looks after its social well-being. His portfolio includes the management of its development, financial, and foreign affairs. As such, there is really no better person than him to give the alumni a first-hand glimpse into the island they are calling home for the duration of this year’s workshop.

Following the meeting with Mayor Kellas, the workshop participants then went on a tour of the historic town of Kuressaare. This town, which dates back almost 900 years, features beautiful architecture influenced by Scandinavian, Western European, and Russian culture. As well, it is the site of the imposing Kuressaare Castle a medieval star-fort which has been remarkably well preserved over the centuries.