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Stand-Alone Module on the Eternal Enigma of Russia

Russia's internal politics remain a mystery to many observers. Image: Wikipedia Commons

Russia's internal politics remain a mystery to many observers. Image: Wikipedia Commons

Register for the CGP Stand Alone Module starting on October 5 and come a few steps closer to solving the eternal enigma of Russian politics!

News from Sep 04, 2015

Throughout history, Russia (in its many political iterations) has proved a difficult nut to crack. Confounding historians, politicians and military strategists, the country has developed a reputation as both mysterious and unpredictable. The causes for this unpredictability are based in a number of unique factors at play which continue to shape modern Russia. These include the country’s nature as a nominal federation with a highly centralized political system, its situation as a quasi-democracy beholden to a number of informal practices and also the country’s continuing economic upheavals following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The perception of Russia as a unique entity is propelled forward not just be the country’s radical political and economic changes, but also its characterization as an “alien” entity by Western scholars. 70 years ago Winston Churchill famously remarked: "I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key…” Indeed such a ‘key’ is yet to be found, and recent developments such as the deadly conflict in Ukraine, prove that finding such a key remains imperative for the global political system.

By registering for the Stand Alone Module ‘Russia: Eternal Enigmas’ at the Center for Global Politics starting on October 5 a student can rapidly get acquainted with Russia’s historical past, and begin to understand its present day politics. To guide you on this journey will be CGP’s dedicated instructor and professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Sergey Medvedev. Together with fellow students from around the world, our blended learning program will maybe go some way to helping you one day finding the elusive ‘key’ to understanding Russia.