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How Capital and Finance Shape Global Politics

Money plays a complex and important role in global politics. Image: epsos.de

Money plays a complex and important role in global politics. Image: epsos.de

Broaden your understanding of the world of economics and understand how it relates to the international political system with our ‘Global Flows: Capital and Finance’ stand-alone module.

News from Sep 18, 2015

Money, as they say, makes the world go round. While this may be obvious to most, the influence which capital and finance have on the global political system is often grossly underestimated. In the complex, globalized world which we currently inhabit, money is able to flow across borders faster than people, ideologies or any other force. As such, in many ways economics can be considered one of the primary drivers of global politics and policy.

Through a study of this so-called International Political Economy, important questions can be raised and in-depth analysis can be undertaken into these complex and global movements of money. What’s more, an understanding of the background and framework in which parties involved operate can arm a learner with the ability not just to discover the monetary drivers of a particular political policy, but also project future economic trends and the knock-on effects they will have on the global political system.

With the Center for Global Politics stand-alone module ‘Global Flows: Capital and Finance’, a student can rapidly learn this critical understanding. Focusing on the International Political Economy, as well as the interplay between nation-states and large financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, this course is a keystone for any serious student of global politics. Headed by our knowledgeable faculty, this course will empower students to learn and discuss these important concepts and leave them well-equipped for further study in the field.