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Online Course Exchange With Aleksanteri Institute

The Aleksanteri Institute in Finland is hosting a new website facilitating online exchange with the CGP.

News from Sep 30, 2015

The Aleksanteri Institute located in Helsinki, Finland has for several years been running an online exchange student program with the Center for Global Politics. These online exchange modules have challenged students to devote their time to an in-depth study into our fields of expertise.

To help broaden their appeal, Aleksanteri Institute has created a new website for these online exchange programs. From there, they have narrowed the selection criteria for these so as to ensure that only students who can commit to these intensive and informative modules are involved. Applicants now are encouraged to submit a 200 word letter of motivation as part of the new application process for this online exchange with the CGP.

Currently, 5 Center for Global Politics modules, starting between November this year and January 2016, are being offered by Aleksanteri Institute for online exchange students. These include:

Students have found the online exchange program incredibly rewarding and a solid basis of study in the field of international and Eastern European politics.

The course gave in-depth knowledge about the concept of Eastern Europe. During the course multidisciplinary approach was implemented in the search of answers,” one recent Aleksanteri student remarked.

As well, several CGP students themselves have successfully finished courses from their Finnish counterpart online. Through this two way online exchange, a new and innovative learning experience is being established. Students from both sides learn about each other’s university and educational system while appreciating the opportunity to experience how things are done in a greater number of countries. Together these benefits prove that a two-way online exchange program is both viable and useful into the future.