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University Consortium application successful

The Center for Global Politics will make up one of six institutions approved by Carnegie Corporation of New York to form their new ‘University Consortium’.

News from Oct 07, 2015

The board of the Carnegie Corporation of New York has finally approved a project proposal for a unique consortium of six renowned universities. These are the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), the Higher School of Economics in Moscow (HSE), the University of Oxford, Freie Universität in Berlin, Columbia University as well as Harvard University. The department of political science of the Institute for East European Studies/the Center for Global Politics is happy to announce that it is now part of this project.

The goal of this joint endeavor is to strengthen academic exchange between Russian and ‘Western’ universities in this current time of crises. Besides the exchange of faculty for lectures and research at the different partner institutions, the main goal is to facilitate student exchange. This happens via so-called University Consortium modules, which are one-week trips of students to one of the partner universities. The modules enable one student from each institution to travel to another institution for visiting lectures, presenting their research and participating in online discussions and web seminars. In addition, FU Berlin students will have the possibility to join the network for web seminars, online discussions etc. A launch event with more information on the consortium itself will be announced soon. 

Two graduate candidates from the Center for Global Politics have already been chosen to be the first two University Consortium fellows. We are looking forward to Assja Wischnewskaja and Kristina Piilik having the opportunity to travel to one of the first modules in autumn this year and spring next year!