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Demis Mohr Joins Center for Global Politics

Demis Mohr has joined CGP to assist in business development. Image: Private.

Demis Mohr has joined CGP to assist in business development. Image: Private.

The Center for Global Politics is pleased to announce the hiring of Marius Demis Mohr to assist with business development.

News from Nov 09, 2015

Continuing our commitment to growing our programs and educational services, the Center for Global Politics has once again hired new staff. Starting in October, Demis Mohr has begun working for the CGP in order to assist us with strategic development. Liaising with several departments, Demis will work to help solidify the future direction of the CGP as well as how will we position our brand amongst our competitors into the future. This direction will be based extensive market research and will comprise the development of updated business models.

Demis has a Diploma in Business Administration from the Freie Universität Berlin, and several years of experience working in his field of project management and business development for a number of private sector companies. In addition to this, prior to coming to the Center for Global Politics, Demis worked at the University of Potsdam. There he worked to provide strategic direction for small, fledgling startup companies based at the university, helping them turn their innovations and ideas into functional businesses.

With this in mind, Marius Demis Mohr was attracted to the CGP due to its opportunities for growth and the chance to develop new projects. Together with the rest of the CGP team, we believe he will be a great fit!