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First University Consortium Webinar held on Wednesday

The first ever ‘Webinar’ for the University Consortium (UC) was held on Wednesday to great success.

News from Nov 12, 2015

The UCs ever first student Webinar was organized for Wednesday, the 11th of November, within the context of the first University Consortium module taking place at Columbia University this week. The event was broadcasted live from the Harriman Institute in New York. During the Webinar, the four UC fellows from Harvard University, Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), St Antony’s College at the University of Oxford and Freie Universität Berlin had the opportunity to present their research to a broad audience at the other UC member institutions.

At the same time, participants at the students’ Webinar at the other Universities had the opportunity to tweet their questions to the chairs of the event. Anastasia Vishnevskaya, the first Center for Global Politics/ Freie Universität Berlin fellow, presented a very interesting paper on “RT and Other Tools of Russian Foreign-Language Propaganda: What Narratives are Promoted and Do They Pose a Challenge?”.

The discussions were very interesting and the event was a great opportunity to get connected to the University Consortium participants and students from its different member institutions.