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Project Management Stand Alone Module

What is a project? How does project management develop in different contexts? What are the functions and qualifications needed to be a successful project manager? Get the answers during our twelve-week long Stand Alone Module on Project Management!

News from Nov 16, 2015

Organizations are not projects. Programs are not projects. Operational routines are not projects. The current researchers on the topic are relatively unanimous on the definition of a project, as outlined by the Project Management Institute  conceptualize a project as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service”. However, while only recently defined, the theoretical foundations of project management developed throughout the 19th and 20th century, inspired by the technological progress in industrial construction, military research and space aviation. Nowadays research and practice are evolving further in light of of the altering intercultural and societal contexts and global challenges.

Based on the blended learning concept, the Center for Global Politics offers an intensive Stand Alone Module in Project Management combining theoretical approaches towards the topic, project management methodologies and interactive projects with participating students from all over the world. The Module consists of three main parts: Introduction to Project Management, Main Tools and Human Resources and Project Management. Guided through this fascinating topic by our dedicated instructor Dr. Christina Sieber, you will have the opportunity to improve your negotiation and assessment skills while focusing on sustainability and global challenges. Join us, the essential knowledge you would need for your future undertakings is only a mouse click away!