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East European law 25 years later – navigate the complexity

EU law is just one of several complex legal structures in Eastern Europe. Source: Wikipedia.

EU law is just one of several complex legal structures in Eastern Europe. Source: Wikipedia.

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News from Nov 23, 2015

Twenty five years after the collapse of the uniform Eastern Bloc the legal systems of the Central, Southeastern and Eastern European countries developed and diversified over the course of the transformation of the centrally planned economy and socialist party ruled politics towards more or less accountable democratic systems and functioning market economies. The level of international embeddedness, particularly into the European Union structures, has played a significant role in shaping the individual country’s law as well as through the spreading of good practices. Today, it seems rather doubtful whether geography is enough to define the main features of the East European legal discipline. The CGP Stand Alone Module puts emphasis on four model countries, the Czech Republic, Estonia, (the Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia and the Russian Federation, representing different legal traditions stemming from different histories in order to exemplify the main similarities and contrasts.

Through the Center for Global Politics module on East European Law the students will receive an in-depth knowledge of the main sources of law and constitutional law in particular in the model East European countries and the legal approach towards political and social developments. Furthermore, as a part of the East European Studies master program they will have the opportunity to practice the application of law in a case study format under the supervision of CGP East European Law expert Dr. Stephan Heidenhain. Join us for the module start on January 25!