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Center for Global Politics Awards Scholarship to Three Sub-Saharan African Students

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News from Dec 21, 2015

BERLIN, GERMANY – The Center for Global Politics (CGP), offering international educational programs in global politics at the Berlin Freie Universität, is pleased to announce another three students taking part in its Global Minds scholarship program. This scholarship, part of an ongoing cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung provides funding for students from underrepresented regions of the globe to take part in the CGP International Relations Online (IRO) program.

This year 3 students from Sub-Saharan Africa were given the opportunity to study with IRO through the Global Minds scholarship. These students included Tawana Nyabeze and Kudzai Alford Jeke both from Zimbabwe, as well as Deogratias Munishi from Tanzania. Sub-Saharan Africa is a core area in future global politics from a European perspective and we are pleased to offer these three students the ability to take part in our IRO program,” said Prof. Klaus Segbers, Program Director of the CGP.

The two Zimbabwean students and one Tanzanian student pointed out their aspiration to learn more about the increasingly globalized world and how it relates to international relations.

“The world now has changed – it is more globalized and there are more global challenges that need to be given solutions. And those solutions are offered by those who know how the global forces play. Therefore, I thought that I should be one who has solutions to these global challenges,” said Tawana Nyabeze.

They also expressed their desire to use the knowledge they were given in the IRO modules in order to help solve local challenges within their own countries.

“I did modules, they were talking of globalization, migration, talking of policies and talking of negotiation, all of these areas are really quite important for bringing a country into a developed state. This is the reason I joined and this is the importance of International Relations Online,” said Kudzai Alford Jeke.

The students also pointed out that the IRO program was especially attractive due to the fact that it allowed for them to continue their work lives, rather than being disrupted by months of studying abroad.

“When I saw that the Free University Berlin offers a course on international relations but still allows you to keep a job, I said that this is the place to be,” said Deogratias Munishi.

“[IRO] allows me to also participate in my country […] so I think that it also allows me to go to work and allows me to follow my dreams and passions back home,” said Tawana Nyabeze.

The Center for Global Politics hopes to continue providing such opportunities through the Global Minds scholarship into the future.

About IRO at the Center for Global Politics

International Relations Online (IRO) is an online blended-learning master program developed by the Center for Global Politics. Students taking the program engage in and complete a number of modules relating a wide range of topics from globalization to statecraft and international law. While the program and all assessments are completed online, students also take part in a week-long period of in-house classes every semester based at the CGP within Berlin Freie Universität.

About the Global Minds scholarship project

The Global Minds scholarship is an ongoing cooperative project between the Center for Global Politics and the Konrad Ardenauer Stiftung. The scholarship is intended to allow students from under-represented regions in the world to take part in the IRO program. The scholarship itself covers the tuition costs of the 2 year program, and is favored for students who have a background in civil society projects. Aside from Sub-Saharan Africa, the scholarship has been awarded in the past to students from Myanmar.

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