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Putin’s New World Order?

In an interview with VOX, Professor Dr. Klaus Segbers voices Putin’s attempt in gaining power through an alliance with BRICS will not be a success

News from Jul 27, 2015

Vox-Nachrichten held an interview with Professor Dr. Klaus Segbers on July 8th, 2015 regarding Vladimir Putin’s apparent efforts toward building a more concrete alliance. After having been excluded from the G8 meeting in early June this year, Putin has been looking elsewhere in an attempt toward transforming Russia's economic and political power to function independently from western countries. BRICS was seemingly the most viable option for this.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are the countries referred to as BRICS in combination. What these countries have in common is their extreme potential for becoming future world leaders. Their strength lies within their population number – together making up 43% of the entire world population – and in their rapid recent economic progress.

Professor Dr. Klaus Sebers’ stated that the attempt by Putin at motivating stronger cooperation amongst BRICS is more a symbolic statement than something which could in reality be a success. The issue is the following: although these countries are gaining enormous strength at rapid speeds individually, the combination of the five will not cause this power to accelerate.

Large differences amongst BRICS hinder the reality of a harmonic, powerful alliance which could lead to a potential threat. Professor Segbers points out that the issues here range from mere geographic distance to contrasts in political practice and agenda. China, for example, is not looking at fast-paced economic progression as a necessity, whereas that is exactly what Russia currently wants and needs.

Therefore, although at the sixth annual summit of the BRICS countries in the Russian city of Ufa there was talk of working together more closely, experts say it is unlikely that this cooperation will turn into a concrete power standoff by BRICS against the west. The differences between these countries -- be they political, social, geographical or economic -- seem to be too large of a hindrance to allow for that.