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Apply Now for IRO and EES Master Programs



The Center for Global Politics is calling all applicants for the 2016 International Relations Online and East European Studies master programs.

News from Jan 18, 2016

The world is getting ever more complex and cumbersome. But for many positions, an understanding of what’s going on is critical to success. That’s why it is so important to have tools at hand that help you navigate this complexity. This is what we offer you at the Center for Global Politics.

With prestige, money and possibly even lives on the line, there is no better place to start understanding the world than our International Relations Online (IRO) and East European Studies (EES) programs, now open for applications. These programs make use of innovative blended-learning techniques to give students a broad base of knowledge in the field of international politics. Unlike many other programs, these offerings enable most coursework to be completed online, allowing students to continue outside pursuits and jobs. As well, the in-house classes which make up a portion of the program give students the ability to network and make invaluable connections with their peers and instructors.

International Relations arms you with the tools necessary for acting in a globalized world. You create your own study focus in either Global Politics or Area Studies, and then select from a series of electives on various global flows (migration, capital and finance, energy, ICTs) and policy issues (conflict management, global cities, cultural narratives).
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East European Studies is the world's only blended learning master program on this region. The focus is on the political, economic, social and cultural developments in Eastern Europe. You'll learn to analyze complex situations, give policy advice and reach mutual understandings.
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