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Klaus Segbers to Present Lecture on EU Crisis

CGP Program Director Prof. Klaus Segbers will give a lecture next week on the ongoing crisis in the EU

News from Jan 28, 2016

The European Union is currently facing a large number of crises which threaten to tear it apart. From the simmering debt crisis affecting Southern Europe, to the massive refugee arrives in the past year, and the growth of far-right populist movements, the future of the EU is uncertain. But just how serious a problem does Europe face?

In an upcoming presentation at Stanford University, Center for Global Politics Program Director Prof. Klaus Segbers will attempt to answer this question. In lecture titled ‘The EU in Crisis: How Serious Is It?’, Prof. Segbers will explain the unfolding events in the European Union and show just how deeply the continent is being affected by these crises.

The lecture itself will be held on the second floor of the Encina Hall Central at Stanford University, in the CISAC Central Conference Room. This event is sponsored by the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Stanford University as well as the European Security Initiative – FSI.