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In-House Classes Begin at CGP

Students will gather next week at the Center for Global Politics for unique in-house classes.

News from Feb 18, 2016

2016 has well and truly begun, and the Center for Global Politics (CGP) is once again planning for another week of in-house classes. In-house classes are a unique component of the CGP’s blended learning master programs. While these programs are conducted mostly online, the in-house classes, held every 6 months, give students the ability to congregate in one place and learn together as a cohort. Not only does this help them gain some of the benefits of learning from their lecturers in person, it also helps them socialize among their peers and build up contacts for later in life.

This February’s in-house classes, will be held as usual at the Freie Universität Berlin, home of the CGP. Classes will be conducted in the Henry Ford Building, and will run between the 22nd and 26th of February. Specially taking part this year will be the 9th and 10th run of the International Relations Online (IRO) program as well as the 11th run of East European Studies (EES).

As always students will take part in a wide range of classes focusing on their fields of study. Aside from lectures and discussions, some students will also take part in a simulation game organized by Planpolitik, focusing on a major issue in global politics. Beyond this, the students will of course be provided ample opportunity to socialize and get to know their peers, both in an academic setting as well as in more relaxed and informal gatherings. Given the diverse international and professional backgrounds of the students, these opportunities provide an invaluable networking tool, helping them to establish a truly global circle of friends and a more nuanced view of life in the four corners of the world.