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New module on Global Cities about to start

A new IRO module on “Global Cities” is set to begin in April this year.

News from Mar 14, 2016

The Center for Global Politics is preparing for the beginning of a new elective module for International Relations Online (IRO) starting in April 2016. While the previous modules module provided the students with an overview of study areas in International Relations like migration and citizenship as well as a hands-on diplomatic experience with a simulation game during recent in-house classes, this module of will focus on major challenges in governing and statehood.

Called “Global Cities”, this module will focus on the important function of megacities and their role in global affairs. Starting with theoretical backgrounds the class will take a closer look at the demographical and economical challenges that global cities present modern governance with. Focusing on the context of globalization and localization, the political and cultural consequences of the concept of cities on a global scale will be interactively debated in class discussion.

The class will be guided by the CGP lecturer and expert of urban development and public policy, Dr. Noah Toly from Wheaton College, in Illinios, where he is the Director of the Urban Studies Program. Dr. Toly is the author of numerous publications on environmental policy, urbanism, global environmental governance and Christian ethics. His research focuses on the link between urban and global environmental politics and the roles of cities and transnational municipal networks in global governance. Furthermore, he is the editor of the Routledge series "Cities and Global Governance", a member of numerous professional societies, such as the Urban Affairs Association and the American Political Science Association and was named an Emerging Leader by the Chicago Council for Global Affairs in 2011.