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Prof. Segbers presents lecture at Chinese universities

Prof. Dr. Segbers held lecture at Jinan University, China

Prof. Dr. Segbers held lecture at Jinan University, China

Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers has presented a serious of lectures in China on the future of the EU

News from Mar 18, 2016

The current situation in Europe is a topic which isn't just making headlines in the EU but also in East Asia. As such there is want for more expert knowledge on this subject. To this aim over the last few weeks, CGP Program Director Prof. Segbers presented several lectures entitled “Current Challenges. The EU in Crisis. How serious is it?” at several universities including Renmin University and Peking University in Beijing, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University (Shanghai), Jinan University in Guangzhou and Hong Kong University.

Within the lecture, Prof. Segbers outlined 6 major areas in which the European Union is facing crises. These were immigration, terrorism, populism, the Eurocrisis, Russia, and the looming Brexit. While each of these issues are significant in their own right, Prof. Segbers outlined his belief that the EU would not disappear in the face of these changes but rather persist. Nonetheless he predicted a time of flux ahead for the union, with some states leaving, and international ties being weakened. Eventually as well, he believed it necessary for the EU to modify many of its treaties to adapt to these changes, however difficult or unpopular this may be. The lectures were attented by a large number of advanced as well as graduate students.

After the lectures constructive meetings were held with the partners of the CGP, in which fruitful cooperations were discussed.