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Georgiy Kasianov in Discussion on Ukrainian History

CGP instructor Georgiy Kasianov discussed the diverging historical narratives in Russia and Ukraine

News from Apr 13, 2016

Georgiy Kasianov, Head of the Department of Contemporary History and Politics and the Institute of History in Ukraine, member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences and dedicated instructor teaching history of Eastern Europe in the IRO and EES master programs, took part in a gripping live discussion on Ukrainian history on April 11 in Hamburg. The concrete occasion was part of the ‘history@debate’ series, organized by the Körber Foundation and the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

Together with his counterpart, the Russian historian and Professor at the European University in St. Petersburg, Mr. Kasianov addressed the use and abuse of history, the different narratives put forward in media, text books and in academia circles and of course the dividing lines between the Russian and Ukrainian interpretation of the events after the Euromaidan. Similar to the lively public debate, the discussion “Russia and Ukraine: A Past Divided” at the Körber Foundation revealed also a myriad of fault lines between the Russian and Ukrainian historiography. Whereas Mr. Kasianov underscored the recognition of the Ukrainian state as a separate entity, his view was challenged by Mr. Miller, who focused on the variety of actors clashing over Ukrainian territory over the centuries. Other apples of discord during the talk turned out to be the territory-history-irredentism nexus and the concept of the nation-state vs. state-nation. On a more positive note, Mr. Kasianov expressed his belief in the current developments in the Ukrainian civil society and the establishing civic nation against all the odds and external pressure.

For more information on this fascinating topic have a look at the whole discussion at the Körber Foundation Youtube channel or at the speakers’ interview for the Berlin Policy journal.