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CGP Visiting Researcher Tony Lee Publishes Review

The Center for Global Politics is pleased to play host to some of the most creative and knowledgeable students and researchers in international relations. Currently, among these visiting students is, Dr Tony C. Lee, an IR researcher from Taiwan. He recently conducted a review of a Chinese language publication focusing on the Chinese diaspora in South East Asia. The reviewed book was entitled ‘Migration trajectories and diasporic discourses: Multiples contexts of ethnic Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia’ (移民轨迹和离散论述―新马华人族群的重层脉络).

Writing for the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Kyoto University, Tony discusses the way in which the book deconstructs the legacy and history of the Chinese diaspora in the region. While finding the book informative and fresh, he did note some level of confusion within its structure, and its use of regional and historical examples. Nonetheless within his review, Dr Lee writes that this is a text which would well compliment classics in the field.

News from May 02, 2016

While the Center for Global Politics is run by hardworking and very competent staff, we also rely on our advisory board in order to help us with our projects. Made up of a group of experts from both Germany and abroad who are involved across a number of disciplines and fields, the CGP advisory board is one of the best tools we have at our disposal to keep our team on their feet, and to keep our programs progressing at an acceptable speed.

As part of this, we annually hold meetings with board members and give updates on our progress. With this in mind, the next such meeting will be held on Monday next week at the Henry Ford Bau within Freie Universität Berlin, the home base of the Center for Global Politics. There, board members will be updated on the current state of all of the CGP’s programs including our IRO and EES blended learning master programs, as well as German Studies Russia (GSR) and the Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP). Furthermore, board members will also be briefed on our upcoming Seasonal Schools in Ukraine, Iran, China, Cambodia/Vietnam and Jordan.

Following the meeting and presentation by CGP staff, additional discussions will take place at a local restaurant.