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CGP’s seasonal school in Lviv, Ukraine

Students participating Seasonal School in Ukraine

Students participating Seasonal School in Ukraine

Seasonal school in Ukraine to start today in cooperation with International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues (IIECI) and Rule of Law Center (RLC) in Lviv.


News from May 12, 2016

CGP’s seasonal school will take place from May 12th to 20th in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, where young researchers will discuss current topics and recent developments in global politics and political science. Embedded in the framework of DAAD’s program “Academic Exchange and Scientific Cooperation for Security, Collaboration and Civic Development in Europe”, the workshop wants to bring young researchers, graduate students and PhD candidates from German and Ukrainian Universities together to design a future oriented curriculum on International Relations. This will also include recent civic developments in Ukraine after the pro-European color-revolution through network building between the two countries’ scientific communities.

CGP’s seasonal schools aim to foster academic exchange while including new actors that are becoming increasingly important on a global scale.Graduate students and young researchers in the field of International Relations from all over the world are brought together todebate recent developments in international political and economic processes at one of the short term intensive programs taking place in the dynamic world cities, like Tehran, Shanghai, Amman and Phnom Penh. One of the new destinations added this year is Lviv in Ukraine.