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Global Politics Workshop Ukraine 2016 successfully coming to an end

Participants of the Seasonal School in Ukraine 2016

Participants of the Seasonal School in Ukraine 2016

News from May 20, 2016

On the 19th of May, the participants of this week’s Global Politics Workshop in Lviv, Ukraine all gathered together for the last time in a farewell dinner. Before parting ways and heading home, the 14 participants work the workshop were awarded a participation certificate, signed by both Prof. Segbers, director of Center for Global Politics, and Dr. Turchynovskyy, head of the International Institute of Ethics and Contemporary Studies at UCU.

Both the workshop organizers and its young researchers stressed again the importants of the work carried out over the course of the week. Not only were there several days of intense discussions including in-depth discussions on the redesign of a more future-oriented International Relations curriculum, but also the workshop also allowed a networking process that hopefully will continue beyond the scope of the workshop, giving rise to yet more joint projects that could be planned in the future.