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Team Discussion on Future Trends and Global Crises

The discussion was attended by CGP staff and GSGP students. Image: Private.

The discussion was attended by CGP staff and GSGP students. Image: Private.

The CGP team discussed on Wednesday future trends and problems facing the world going into the future.

News from Jun 16, 2016

Last week Center for Global Politics (CGP) Program Director, Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers, attended a Carnegie Corporation-sponsored symposium in Beijing on rising uncertainty in the global political sphere. Upon returning back to the CGP’s office in Berlin, Germany, the CGP team sat down to discuss some of the issues raised in this symposium in order to build on our collective knowledge in this area. As well, the CGP staff was also joined in this discussion by a number of PhD students from our Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP).

Among the major topics which were discussed in this round-table meeting were; China’s economic overcapacity and resulting debt burden, low oil prices and their effect on Russia’s foreign policy, as well as the global rise of populist movements. One of the key conclusions that was reached was that there was substantial similarities in the problems faced by both liberal and autocratic societies and that key technologies like social media and the internet were having unexpected effects on politics and government globally. As well, the rise of populism was understood to be a reaction to the increasing complexity of many political issues and the desire by many for simple, easy-to-understand solutions to these problems.

Through discussions like these, the CGP hopes to broaden the knowledge base of its staff and deepen their understanding of the world. While obvious solutions are not always forthcoming, this knowledge can nonetheless be put to use in creating new educational modules and course materials that are better-suited to modern developments in the field of global politics.