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New Video Shows Off CGP Ukraine Workshop

A short film has been completed showing the success of the recently completed Center for Global Politics Ukraine Workshop.

News from Jul 14, 2016

Two months ago, the Center for Global Politics (CGP) travelled to Ukraine to conduct a new workshop with local students. The workshop was geld at the Ukraine Catholic University, located in Lviv in the west of the country, in cooperation with International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues (IIECI) and Rule of Law Center (RLC). By all accounts this project was a complete success. Reflecting on this success, the CGP has now released a video featuring footage and interviews from the duration of the Ukraine Workshop. Through it the CGP hopes to give a more in-depth experience of what our Seasonal Schools are like, and in doing so, attract prospective students for future projects.

The full-length video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMFV4aVvqc

About the Ukraine Workshop

In the framework of DAAD’s program “Academic Exchange and Scientific Cooperation for Security, Collaboration and Civic Development in Europe” the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin held a workshop in Lviv. Over nine days young researchers worked to design a future-oriented IR curriculum that included recent developments in IR and Political Science. Participants also got into and debated current trends in global politics. Not least, the workshop aimed to support Ukraine in terms of civic development through network building, by connecting Ukrainian with German researchers who desire to put forward new ideas. We therefore invited PhD students and PostDocs from Ukraine and Germany to exchange their views on various topics especially touching upon Europe, the European Union and challenges that come along with recent political developments.

Beyond our Ukraine Workshop, the CGP has a number of upcoming Seasonal School projects. These include schools in China, Iran and Cambodia, and will allow local and international students to mix in a variety of unique settings around the globe.